Monday, May 13, 2013

Big Faith

I’ve never felt very comfortable preaching on faith.  It always seemed like one of those “larger-than-life” topics that should be preached by famous TV preachers or missionaries just back from 50 years in the Brazilian rain forest.  They are the ones with “big faith”; I’m just an everyday, plodding-along Methodist pastor.

Consider Abram (later renamed “Abraham”):  God’s promise began with a gaze up at the night sky.  God challenged Abram to count all those stars, and then put names on just as many children he and his barren wife (supposedly) were going to have through God’s promise.  Genesis says Abram “believed” – he had faith, and that set him right with God.

At that moment Abram hadn’t really done anything.  In answer to God’s leading[1] he’d continued the journey to Canaan his dad, Terah, had started some years before.  Had Terah been called and only gone half way?  Abram’s integrity lapsed when they got near Egypt; he had his bride, Sarai, lie to protect them.  Seems at “crunch-time” the father of Israel had a real struggle to find his faith.

Which brings us back to, well….us.  Is there any struggle going on in your life?  Do you question whether you’ll ever have the kind of faith that can trust God in that BIG test?  Will you ever stop failing?  Remember – Abraham was once Abram…but he believed; it started in his heart.  So, let the faith revolution begin today; God will make of it that which is His perfect design for your life, and His kingdom.

[1] Genesis 12

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