Friday, May 17, 2013

Change of Plans

May 17, 2013
In 1981 Elizabeth and I stood in a chapel service at seminary, along with 1,200 other students and faculty.  The preacher had extended a call to follow Christ in mission without reserve – no matter where He wanted us to follow, and despite whatever conditions existed.  Even the song we sang was “Wherever He Leads, I’ll Go”.  We responded to that call, promising to do just that!

Now, it’s great to have a mountaintop experience when you’re headed for the valley; it helps you remember what (and Who) your focus should be.  In our naivety, however, we never imagined that the plans and pathway of ministry could change so dramatically and so often!

Our vision of serving Christ as a pastoral family was kind of a Norman Rockwell painting – a snapshot, frozen in time, with pastor, wife and three kids.  Thirty years later we were supposed to be still in the same location, having developed loving relationships with the same people in the same town. 

Those were MY plans!

Fast forward thirty-two years and nine churches….I am now at the end of another first year in a new place.  For the last three decades we’ve lived with the expression “life turns on a dime”!  Although the Lord has led us into different (and unexpected) places, His Word has never varied and His promises have always been true and trustworthy.  We have been blessed more than if our plans had been followed to the letter.  Truth…I’m glad God used His plans instead of mine!

So….what’s on YOUR agenda?

Have you made plans?  That’s good; plenty of Biblical support for laying foundations and setting goals.

Are you following Christ?  Great!  You’re on the road to blessing.

Have you set those dreams, plans and goals in stone?  Hmmm….you might want to rethink that one.

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