Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Division In the Crowd

“So the crowd was divided about him.”   John 7:43

Jesus’ teaching in the temple was pretty clear.  The people who heard him could not have mistaken what he meant when he offered “living water” – it was Messiah-talk.  But they got divided over Jesus’ pedigree…and thus it goes, day after day, century upon century.
It’s hard for someone like me to look critically on those who questioned in their hearts the issue of just who or what Jesus was going to be in their lives.  After all, I’m a logic-driven male child; I live to divide my own thoughts.  I like to think things through until the box is all well-defined; then I want to seal it and preserve what I’ve discovered forever!  (Why do you think I write a blog?)
There are those who live on the other side of the brain – they intuitively feel and sense their way through stuff in a manner totally-alien to my brain.  The difference between us is “ready-aim-fire” and “ready-fire-aim”.  Whether you’re a cautious stepper or a freestyle leaper, Jesus has always caused division.  Life’s journey has always had (and needs) both. 
My word today is to the cautious.  Like me, you tend to want to know it all before you do anything.  If you question Jesus like a prosecuting attorney, with the purpose of removing every last doubt before taking the leap of faith with him, you’ll find it’s still a leap of faith at the end.
Point from one who has been there – take the leap – he’s ready to catch you.

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