Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Stalking a Balloon At Midnight

Tuesday – September 10, 2013

I mentioned to a friend on the phone that I do, indeed, own a pistol for protection (and also to gather rust).  She turned to those in her home and proclaimed, “I don’t feel so bad now…the preacher owns a gun.”
Well…later that night, around midnight, something went “thump” in the darkness.  Then I got thumped by Mrs. Preacher; “what was that? Did you hear that?”  I had only been “nearly” asleep, but I was now fully awake and on alert.
I slipped the pistol from its rusty hiding place and systematically began to clear the house; Mrs. Preacher had my back carrying the frying pan.  We checked:
·        Every door – locked!
·        Every window – check!
·        Every closet – empty!
·        The dog – sleeping!
There was nothing left to do but go back to bed (to bed….not to sleep).
But, somewhere in the shadowy fog of Sheol we must have drifted off and it was 5am when the alarm raised the dead. 
Staggering into the bathroom I noticed something about the bathtub; Elizabeth’s prize back cushion was lying in the tub, not on the backrest where it normally sleeps.  Sherlock Holmes would’ve been so amazed at my deductive reasoning – that “thump” in the darkness was a back balloon hitting the bottom of our bathtub. 
Well, it could’ve been the invading hoards of Alexander the Great…or aliens.  You just never know in the middle of the night!
I rarely ‘LOL’ at 5am, but I realized I’d chased a balloon in the darkness with a loaded gun whose bullets date back to “big hair” days.  LOL I did!
So many of the things we fear are really balloons in the dark.  That is particularly true for those who love the Lord.  
No matter what happens today, you’re in His care.

Clean the gun of its rust, but put your trust in God.

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