Saturday, September 4, 2010

Yesterday I drove past an old man in his front yard. He was spreading straw (hay) over a newly-seeded bare area. I thought, "Good for you, old fella". As soon as the words "old fella" registered in my mind I did a mental "eye-roll". Oh....that's good.....I call HIM "old"; at least he's out there on a day that's going to be 95 degrees! Immediately Jesus' stinging words about getting the splinters out of your own eye before hunting logs in others' eyes leaped to my splintery mind's eye; he's old, bare-chested, flat-bellied, working hard, sweating in the heat - and I'm riding by in my air-conditioned Chevy - Hmmmmmm. So, I finished my errands, went to the Home and Garden place, got my seed, fertilizer (and HAY).....and did the deed!

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