Monday, January 31, 2011

Big Bang - Creation - or What?

Every now and then Dad sneaks up on me.
Recently, after reading one of my posts he acknowledged his lack of "institutional training," saying his was more the "school of hard knocks".  Then he lowered the following tease on my institutionally-conditioned brain:
"Maybe the men of faith and the recorded time (whenever that began) after the flood doesn't explain the beginning with Adam and Eve in the garden?  Where would we be if the atheists are right about the billions of years and the one small cell that started it all? (nobody has explained just where that little one came from)  
Perhaps God performed that little miracle(?) and guided it to the beginning of recorded history?" 

Don't ya?
Don't you just hate it when they sneak up on you?
My answer back to Dad:
Hey Dad,
This is a topic that's been giving people "hard knocks" for a very long time.  I don't hold the keys to the wisdom vault, but I have also thought a lot about it.  Either way (creation in 6 24-hour days, or over a long time) you have to begin somewhere.  
For all the debate (nobody I know was there when it started) neither creationists or evolutionists can PROVE a thing.  With one is a reality.  For instance, when I press "send" on this email, I'm exercising faith that you will receive it (among the billions of possible other computers out there).
Faith in little things presupposes bigger things as well.  If you travel that beam of light back up to the source (should I say "Source"?) doesn't take a rocket scientist to connect those dots. belief is that it could have been either a "young earth" - created in 6 days
Or....a single atom that exploded in the "big bang" and evolved to everything else.
Bottom Line
I don't really care which one anybody else chooses to believe....if it is young earth, then OK, God did it; if it was the "big bang" I'm well acquainted with the "Banger".  Either way my faith isn't damaged.
But....we still would like to know, wouldn't we?


  1. I am a literal creationist. In other words, I do believe in a young earth 24/7 creation. As both a member of the clergy and a Christian, I have to believe in Genesis Chapters 1-11. Because, for me, if it is only allegory (as some suggest), then so is is salvation... For me, I cannot pick and choose buffet style what I believe to be literal and what is to be allegory. I must take the entire Bible at it's 'Word' (pun intended).

    Kevin Harris

  2. Good input, Kevin...thanks!
    I'm not an "allegorist" either...just leaving the 'yom' (day) open to 24 hours or whatever else God decided.