Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

On a hot summer day in the early 60's, our family pulled into a gravel parking lot and walked a short beaten pathway to a clearing.  It was an unpretentious setting, and in a small clearing there stood a cabin.  You couldn't go in; you could only stare at it from a distance.  The cabin was insignificant; I wanted my parents to hurry-up and get on with our travels.  That is, until I learned of the prior history of the cabin.  This was Illinois, and the name carved on the inside of the rough-cut timbers was "A. Lincoln." 

Suddenly, there was no hurry.  I would've stayed all day!  I wanted to know so much more about the days young Abraham Lincoln spent here.  Even as a twelve year old, historically-significant places fascinated me; I couldn’t get enough.  I recall that day I wanted to check for footprints where he might have spent time carving initials on a tree.  I wanted to touch everything in hopes of touching that era of history.

A place takes on the significance of its owner.  This world can be dreary for the tired, and fearful to the weak, burdensome for the "have-nots."  But, as we take a look at the inscription on the owner's plate our evaluation can change in a hurry.  The Name is "Yaw.sad".  He is the Creator.  The name with which we’re more familiar is “Jesus”.

Our Scripture this morning says that the hands which formed all things are the hands of Jesus.  Even the chair you’re sitting on and the house in which you live – all of it was once touched by Jesus.

Does that make any difference in the way you will look at God’s world today?

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