Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Light of the World


During this blessed season of Advent we will enjoy together daily devotions which are shared by Local Pastors and Associate Members of the United Methodist Church from around the United States.
I had the privilege of participating in this project, and look forward to sharing these daily uplifting thoughts with you over the season from now (Thanksgiving) to January 1st.
Each author will be identified, and we thank them in advance for each contribution.

As we set out on our Advent journey, we join hearts and voices as we sing, “Prepare ye the way of the Lord!” God promised His salvation long ago; it is realized in Jesus Christ. As we live in the tension of “now” and “not yet,” we await Christ’s return at a time known only to the Father.

We wait in darkness. While the Light of the World shines through the dark that is around us and in us, we still reside in a world that knows dark times. This is my Father’s world, but, right now, this is a fallen, imperfect world. A dark world.

So we cry out to the Lord! We cry out in pain. In anger. We understand having times of sorrow; we have drunk tears, knowing more tears will fall. We pray with the Psalmist and with fellow travelers through the ages for we know there is only One response to the darkness: GOD’S response.

Only God can shine a divine Light. Only God can turn to us, leading us to salvation. If God does not act in this way then we will remain in darkness. We will not be saved.

Yet, in Christ, God’s face shines on us. God has smiled and smiles, still. We have hope because we are part of God’s smile; because we know that the day is coming when He will BEAM broadly for all eternity.

It is Advent! Prepare ye the way of the Lord!

How are you preparing for Christ? Where do you need God to shine His Light in your life?
Rev. Carol Taylor, Warren Plains UMC,
Warrenton, NC;
North Carolina Conference of the United Methodist Church

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