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Monday, January 5, 2015
Thou shalt not kill.  Exodus 20:13 (KJV)
When the flu chains you to the house for a week you watch a lot of television.  A LOT! 

Even with cable that can get old.  By the third day of this nasty little flu bug I was willing to watch anything besides another re-run of I Love Lucy or another Hallmark Christmas movie. (I've visited criminals in jail who were treated better than that!)

I like nature, and the National Geographic channel had a show on rats; interesting...and how bad could that be, I thoughtO, naive one am I!

The show had its icky parts, with the trash rats normally eat.  The statistical things didn’t surprise too much; except for the part about a pair of rats potentially having as many as 15,000 offspring in a year.  The female’s gestation is only 23 days, and after giving birth to 12-18 babies, two days later she’s ready to breed again! 


And “whoa” is what I should have done right there.  The next part of re-telling this tale is grisly; not for the weak-stomached.  Be warned…it is pretty sickening.

Once the mother rat gives birth, if one of the babies doesn’t begin to eat right away, or if it exhibits any weakness at all…she kills, and eats it.  In fact, rats do this regularly, controlling their population according to the food sources available to the colony.

Now, I promise I didn’t just share that for shock value, shocking as it is.

But here is something that is more shocking:  In 2014 approximately 1 in 5 pregnancies in America ended in abortion.[1] 

I know the natural flow of all the questions, argument, point and counter-point surrounding abortion practice, rights and law which follows such a statement is impossible to allow any reasonable reflection in a 5-minute devotion.  I simply have one question for us to wrestle with:  as a nation, are we not better than a colony of rats?

For You Today:

Remember to pray for the unborn, speak a word for the sanctity of life and support the high value which God placed on life.

And also remember that most women who have abortions are not evil monsters, but rather scared, over-worked, over-burdened normal people who have been misled by a culture obsessed with self and convenience. 

Pray for mothers and mothers-to-be.

Pray also for fathers-to-be that they WILL be supportive and take away a lot of the pressure to have an abortion.

You can’t change a whole culture; nor are you expected to…just be ready to deal with what’s right before your eyes today.


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