Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Lead Us NOT into Temptation

Wednesday, February 10, 2016


And don’t let us yield to temptation, but rescue us from the evil one.  Matthew 6:13(NLT)

OK, so the Christmas and New Year holidays are behind us, but that doesn’t mean we’re out of the woods yet; that chocolate-drenched Valentine thing is this coming Sunday.  And then you have Easter, and then…

Well, you get the drift; it’s always something.

You know where this is headed.  If you’re a person who owns a scale you’re already imagining what this devotion would look like lining your garbage can.

I’m not entirely certain an open fridge was the #1 thing Jesus had in mind when he taught his disciples to pray for strength against temptation …but it has to be close to the top! 

Our friends down at LG Electronics came up with that which is the ultimate challenge, for those of us who constantly fight the urge to splurge with a fork – a refrigerator with an 8” display telling you exactly what’s inside the behemoth icebox.  And if that isn’t enough, when you walk by it, the thing’s sensors see you and both doors open! 

Talk about the jaws of death! 

Well, take courage, because humans are not totally devoid of brains; enough wise people refused to purchase one of these contraptions, and, according to the website, the SmartFridge™ is now a discontinued item! 

Thank you, Jesus!

Now, if you’re not one of the wise ones, and you actually bought Delilah the food temptress, I have but one addendum to the Lord’s Prayer for you:

Stay out of the kitchen; don’t walk past the refrigerator!

And this is true for any kind of temptation. 

   ·       If you’re a smoker and you want to quit, trash the ash trays

   ·       If you’re an alcoholic and working on it, change your way home so you don’t pass the bars

   ·       If you’re into porn, and you know how badly this violates what God said about sexual purity, don’t allow yourself alone time with the computer

   ·       And if you can’t put down that phone or tablet so you can look into the beautiful eyes of a               living, breathing human being…

Well, you get the drift.

For You Today

God gave us good and wonderful gifts of life, beauty, food and other human beings with which to experience the fullness of relationship and joy.  And He meant for none of that to take over our lives as addiction.

So the next time you pray Lord, lead me NOT into temptation, hang out with God a little longer before you say “amen”. 

He just might tell you to disconnect that refrigerator and put it on eBay!

You chew on that as you hit the Rocky Road today…and have a blessed day!

[1] Title image: LG Refrigerators

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