Monday, January 27, 2014


Monday, January 27, 2014
The man heard Jesus “the healer” was in town. 

The man’s son was dying.

You don’t need an advanced degree in rocket science to figure out your next step!

The man begged Jesus to come heal his son.  Jesus stopped the man in his tracks; he wanted the man to think through his request.  If the man was actually coming to Jesus as the one who could return health to his dying child, it would mean complications for the future.  The man was a government official, and this public figure “coming out” in faith would have serious implications about his fitness to govern (not to mention his sanity). 

The official patently ignored Jesus’ challenge and restated his urgent request that Jesus come heal the boy before it was too late.  Jesus told him to go back home; his request had been granted. 

The amazing thing is that the government official took Jesus at his word and started home.  His faith was justified; on the way back home he met some of his household servants who informed him his son had recovered about the time Jesus said he would.

How would YOU have handled this?

As a logical sort, I like to have some proof before I leap.  Caution isn’t something I throw to the wind quickly.  

But then, this was not a time for caution; the boy was dying…and the man was a Dad.  You don’t let your son sit on the rails when a train is coming, you DO something.  

And, when Jesus is passing-by, you don’t stop to examine your entire theological system for misspelled words!  It’s time for faith!


Has it been awhile since you dropped your guard and just trusted Him?

Maybe that promise at the altar has tarnished a little, waiting for you to throw aside caution and possible embarrassment and actually follow-through?

Maybe that neighbor you’ve wanted to help, but feared “getting-involved” is getting close to the edge and could use a word of encouragement?

Maybe you’re dabbling a little too much in dotting “i’s” and crossing “t’s”?

How about just doing what the government guy did – take-up Jesus’ challenge and invite Him to come home with you to give life to whatever’s dying?

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