Friday, January 24, 2014

Some Assembly Required

Friday, January 24, 2014
Design is a wonderful thing. It’s like having the instructions.

When our children were small we got a swing set for the back yard.  Elizabeth’s parents bought it; that was the easy part!  Assembly was left to me.  The instructions were included in the box…a 38 page manual entitled “some assembly required”.

Well, I, “Russell the Bright” decided I did not like what I read in those instructions; the manufacturer talked a language that was alien.  It said, put bolt A-17J.G-7 through spindle assembly (right and left) in a windmill fashion until you discover the framastat connected to integer-driven-molly bolt fasteners located in the blue stermer-gadget and secure with nut C-17 (no not that one, the other one).

Nuts, indeed!  I wanted to do it my way.  After four afternoons of struggling to get that swing set together I finally gave up and took it apart – I went back to the manual and did it the designer’s way.

It is the same thing when it comes to us human swing sets. We are designed by a Master Designer; we come complete with a manual, the Bible.  

Over the years I’ve ignored my share of directions, and often found I didn’t know quite as much as I thought I did.  Mostly it was costly in time and frustration.

With the “Scripture manual” ignorance can be deadly.


Make certain you consult the manual before the day begins.

With life as complicated as it is these days, there is some assembly required!

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