Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Black Ice

Tuesday, February 18, 2014
“Black ice” is a term that terrifies most sane drivers.  It is what happens to roads when the sun has melted snow or ice during the day, and then re-freezes, when the temperature drops at night.  It still looks like the road is wet – but it is a treacherous sheet of thin ice.  It looks like the black asphalt road, but only because the ice is so clear.

My uncle was a truck driver and used to tell the story of how he was travelling the Jersey Turnpike one night.  It was frigid and he’d been on the road too long; he just wanted to be home.  The conditions were clear, but the roads were “wet”, so he was taking it easy. 

He noticed another truck attempting to pass him on his right, and thought, What a bozo, trying to pass me in this mess!   Then, my uncle saw that the “bozo” was the tail end of his own tractor-trailer.  The roads were so slippery, covered with black ice, that the trailer had shifted and “jack-knifed”.  He was trying to pass himself.

Black ice isn’t what it looks like, and that can be deadly! 

Spiritually-speaking, believing the lie that you can handle life on your own can also be deadly.  Often life isn’t what it looks like; you need a “spiritual black-ice detector”. 

Today…for YOU

God is true light.  Have you hit any dark patches recently?  Ask Him to show you the way.

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