Tuesday, February 11, 2014

What Do YOU Think?

Tuesday, February 11, 2014
A difference of opinion on Jesus - can you imagine?

Some in the crowd thought Jesus was the Messiah; some thought he was the prophet to come.  The religious leaders refused to entertain any of those thoughts, and there were some who just plain didn't know what to think.

Theologian C.S. Lewis described the available choices: Jesus was liar, lunatic, or Lord.

A liar would not have gone to the cross.  (Neither is he a “great moral teacher”).

A lunatic is simply mad, and may have been deluded enough to want to die.

A Lord - really God – that's the choice which makes you gulp; it becomes really problematic if you believe, because then you have to do something.  Inaction is not an option.  A “Lord” you cannot ignore; a “Lord” is someone you serve!

Therein you have all the possibilities:  Jesus was either the Messiah or not.  So, if Jesus was, or if He wasn't, there are really only these two choices:  believe or do not believe.  It comes down to a “leap of faith”!  (Doesn’t it always?).

What’s to become of our choices?
So…Today…for YOU…
Jesus’ invitation for those who understand Him to be Lord is "follow me".
Those who thought he was the prophet to come before Messiah were just a little misguided.  Jesus could straighten them out (and did).

The religious leaders chose disbelief because they had something to lose, a vested interest.  As prominent, well-educated and connected, they were running the show among men.  To place faith in Jesus, they would have to give up the power their earthly status commanded.  They refused to believe; their choice is common and legion today.

Those who just didn't know what to think, or just didn't want to think about it, were also making their choice; to put off a choice is to make a choice, nonetheless.  There is no fence upon which you can sit when it comes to Christ.  He is either your Lord or your Judge.  Alas, the “don’t bother me about Jesus; I don’t want to think about all that” crowd is in the majority today.

The ones who (rightly) thought Jesus to be Messiah, Christ, were in for a tough time following him.

In the end it made little difference what any of them thought; Jesus is who He is, no matter what we think.

All thought is like that.  You can imagine an elephant is a chocolate croissant; that doesn’t make him less an elephant (nor easier to consume!).  You can try to ignore the elephant, but that doesn’t work for long.

So...Today....For YOU....

What do YOU think?

How much real "thinking" have you done about whether Jesus is God?  

If you've not made the decision to follow him, you have made the decision to refuse faith.  

Or you simply haven't thought seriously; genuine faith in Christ always leads to following Him as Lord.
Jesus’ invitation for those who understand Him to be Lord is "follow me".

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