Monday, April 7, 2014

Broken Pot Trust

Monday, April 7, 2014
There are many instances of I’m in trouble…HELP! in the Psalms.  David wrote a number of them as reflections/prayers about when he was being pursued by enemies.  It is natural to turn to God at such times; we were created by God for God, and we do not rest until we are safe with God.
But there is a corollary to the “pursuit of the bad guys;” today there is the indifference of the majority towards God and those who claim to serve Him.  Like a dog walking past a broken pot, the only interest shown may be a quick sniff to see if there’s anything worth consuming.  Finding nothing, the dog ambles on by.
The world largely looks at the church like that today.  With the exception of a few “active” church haters, the attitude towards the institutional church these days is that of ignoring an old broken pot.
But God is not an institution; if he would not inhabit a temple David desired to build, he also doesn’t live in Nashville.
In such a time of barren faith and paucity of what John Wesley called Scriptural holiness, God has a people who will say my future is in your hands!
Today…for you

As a follower of Jesus Christ you will not be seen as much more than a broken pot in today’s world.  Can you be satisfied as a broken pot in His hand?

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