Monday, June 23, 2014

Isaiah Never Went to Annual Conference

Tuesday, June 24, 2014
Ok, Ok….the title is a bit over the top!
We are just back from Annual Conference located in the beautiful, restful, majestic mountains of Western North Carolina.  We experienced worshipful gathering times with old and new friends.  There were tense moments of budget votes and sexuality debates.  We waded through endless reams of paper used to describe a year’s worth of business for the western half of North Carolina’s 291,000 Methodists.  And there were also fantastic moments of reflection as we looked at layer upon layer of God’s wonderful creation just west of Asheville.
Annual Conference is different; it’s a change from everyday routines.  And it’s fascinating – there are so many conflicting shades of opinion on everything from what music styles we should use in church to what is age-appropriate for this or that, to IF the church will survive, or if there is indeed life after Joel Osteen.
I must admit – I’m pooped!  But I’m also energized.  God does truly renew strength as He defines what true strength is needed.  Whether it’s Eagle’s wings or Russell’s limbs, God’s on the job and I am thankful.
For You, Today
What needs renewing in the innermost “you”?

God’s on the job there too!

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