Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Lights On! (Nobody Home)

Thursday, June 5, 2014
“So, my dear friends, listen carefully; those who embrace these my ways are most blessed.  Mark a life of discipline and live wisely; don’t squander your precious life.  Blessed the man, blessed the woman, who listens to me, awake and ready for me each morning, alert and responsive as I start my day’s work.  When you find me, you find life, real life, to say nothing of God’s good pleasure.  But if you wrong me, you damage your very soul; when you reject me, you’re flirting with death.”  Proverbs 8:32 - 36 (TMSG)
I spent time yesterday with a group of Pastors who are great colleagues.  Our purpose is to be a support system of faith and practice as ministers of the Gospel.  One in the group, a dear friend, spent several decades in law enforcement.  Around the lunch table he shared from his experience how there were times when he’d receive an extremely urgent call and need to get across the county in a hurry.  One would think the blue lights, wheels spinning-out and a cloud of dust would be all you’d see; just like on TV. 

One would be mistaken.

My friend shared how the flashing blue lights sometimes made it difficult to get somewhere.  It seems some drivers make some pretty interesting decisions when the blue lights come on.  Some freeze…stop dead in the middle of the road, causing others to do even stranger things.  (By the way – you’re supposed to move over and clear a pathway).

Once, while on such a call, my friend was hurrying to someone’s assistance and the freeze-thing happened.  An unscheduled locking of car bumpers almost ended in tragedy.  Unwise, unaware, unprepared drivers are dangerous!

So are God’s children when unprepared for the “blue light special” events some days bring.

Solomon has great advice and a warning for those who either embrace or reject Godly wisdom.  He said the wise person would arrive early at the gate of wisdom each day; don’t miss a thing God wants to teach you through His word and by His Spirit.  If you don’t, you’re doing damage to your own soul, because there are consequences when the blue lights come on!

Matthew Henry called this:  An exhortation to hear and obey the voice of Wisdom, to attend and comply with the good instructions that the word of God gives us, and in them to discern the voice of Christ, as the sheep know the shepherd’s voice.[1]

This is a universal kind of invitation to wisdom; nobody is exempt, and no one excluded from God’s offer to make one wise enough to clear a path for the blue light special!

For You, Today

Don’t “freeze” if life gives you a “blue light special”. 
Embrace your time with God; it’s the wise thing to do.

[1] Matthew Henry’s Commentary on the Old Testament, © 2000,, Inc.

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