Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Utah Compromise

Friday, March 13, 2015
Do all that you can to live in peace with everyone.   Romans 12:18 (NLT)
The New York Times reported yesterday[2] that:
“…with the backing of Mormon church leaders, the Republican-dominated Utah Legislature passed a bill on Wednesday night that would ban discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in housing and employment, while also protecting religious institutions that object to homosexuality.
The legislation, known as “the Utah compromise,” has been hailed by Mormon leaders and gay rights advocates as a breakthrough in balancing rights and religious freedom, and as a model for other conservative states. But leaders of some other churches oppose it, saying it would not sufficiently protect the rights of individuals who have religious objections to homosexuality.
Regardless of your position on homosexuality, this is quite a story.  I don’t follow politics too closely (haven’t got the stomach for most of it).  But this is really something else.  When you consider that a conservative group like the Mormon Church, in concert with a Republican (very conservative) Legislature took the initiative to pass a law that favors progressive thinking (i.e. rights for LGBT persons)…WOW…just WOW!
Again, I’m no “politico” but every now and then I see something that gives me hope for a return to sanity in this country.  This might be the strangest of ways to present this, but I have been waiting for two “opposing” sides to finally act with a little common sense.
What the Utah Compromise wins for both “sides” is, on the progressive side there is non-discrimination in basic human needs (housing, employment).  And, on the conservative side the win is protection of the right to think differently without being charged with a “hate crime.”
Ordinarily a “compromise” means nobody got everything, but everyone gets something.  I think it is just that here. 
And more.
I think the “more” is that there is a “win” for humanity.  That “win” is respect for the dignity of the image of God on every human soul.  Two very diametrically-opposed groups saw the light at the end of the tunnel to (as Paul wrote) “live together in peace”.
I am still of the opinion that homosexuality is contrary to Scriptural teaching, but dehumanizing people over their choices is as wrong as anything else called sin.
To live in peace with all people means straight people accept with respect that gay people are entitled under law to their choices.  On the other hand gay people must respect the right of straight people to hold to their conscience.  In short, both “sides” realize that when the sun comes up tomorrow, it will be God who judges and we all have too much homework with that one to be wasting time bashing each other.

For You Today

If you never thought you’d write a letter to the Speaker of the House in the Utah State Legislature….well, neither did I. 
But I’m going to do just that; I’m going to tell him I support trying to live together in peace.
Join me?

[1] Title Image: Salt Lake City & County Building By w:user:BigBen212, via Wikimedia Commons

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