Thursday, July 25, 2013

Handwriting On the Wall

Thursday July 25, 2013

In Maurice Rawlings’ “Beyond Death’s Door” there is an interesting/startling comparison between the Roman Empire and current conditions in America.  The following list shows cultural conditions which are more than “similar” in each “empire”
                 …Affluence and luxury abound
                 ...An increasing margin between the very rich and                                               very poor which seems to be the                                                   root of much civil unrest
                 ...Obsession with sex to the extent of “extreme                                                      perversion”    
                 ...Loss of originality and creativeness in personal                                                  life and the arts    
                 ...Emergence of a welfare state

I Wonder

It certainly doesn’t take much imagination to connect the dots here.  When I first read these words, many years ago, my jaw dropped open.  I could not imagine we were headed for the same fate as the Roman Empire….crumbled, wadded-up, thrown away.  Yet, the years since have proven we are getting deeper-in!
What will it take to wake us up?
And what is my part in that?
Or shall we just go back to sleep?

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