Saturday, July 27, 2013

Trouble Everywhere

Saturday July 27, 2013

In the daily lectionary readings there are four passages each morning.  Consider the readings today:
2 Samuel 1-16 – The king has been killed in battle – what to do?
Mark 6:1-13 – In the previous chapters Jesus had been healing everyone in sight, including raising a dead girl; he returns to Nazareth and is rejected by the hometown folks.
Acts 15:22-35 – The church has a crisis about whether to accept Gentiles in the fold.  So they elect a committee!
Psalms 55 – David sets his inward lament to music for the worship singers – murder, death and betrayal on every hand.
Trouble, anger and strife are part of daily life; just turn on CNN in the morning to verify this.  Job says we’re born for trouble as surely as sparks from a fire fly upward.  While this is all true, and it’s easy enough to get depressed if you dwell on the endless stream of bad news, remember David’s last line of Psalm 55:
…but I am trusting you [God] to save me.

You cannot stop humans from acting like the fallen creatures we are; you can believe in God to bring meaning and purpose out of the madness and into your focus.

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