Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Ho, Ho, Ho...and other elevator sounds

Wednesday, December 25, 2013
My friend, Peter, has this really neat white beard; he’s also got a red jacket and hat with white trim.  Peter’s built a little like me, so he doesn’t need the pillow to complete the uniform!  (How he gets his wife Jackie to dress in that elf costume, I’ll never know.) 
Anyway, earlier this month Peter went for an eye checkup.  He was in the elevator travelling upward (it was a tall building), when he noticed (in his words)…a little kid kept scoping me out in the elevator so I did a “HO HO” and his eyes lit up…then I hit him with a shhhh finger on my lips….freaked him.
There are all sorts of ways of delivering good news.  Peter spreads good will in an elevator; God chose an unusual star, a heavenly choir and some really-smelly sheepherders to share the Best News. 
Ordinarily this time of year I take pains to remind people not to mix Santa with Savior.  But when I think of events that spread joy, how can you not include the elevator and the wonder of a small boy? 
It was that same sense of wonder that overcame the rough-cut shepherds, and the highbrow wise men outside the stable that night; it’s been doing that ever since.
So, whether it’s elevators, football games, Wal-Mart or a manger, spread the wonder of a Savior who was born in a very low place, with a mission of coming to the lowest of places – a cross…to die, so he could come to an even lower place:  my heart…to forgive me and set me in the highest place…a child of the King.  Wonder, wonder and wonder!
We are most blessed!

From our house to yours this Season of Christmas…blessings indeed!
and, of course, Gracie
*Many thanks to Peter and Jackie and their grandchildren for permission to use their Christmas picture above.

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