Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Tuesday, December 31, 2013
Rafael Septien was the field goal kicker for the Dallas Cowboys in 1985.  In one of the home games that year at Texas Stadium he missed a kick badly.  It was among the poorest kick attempts ever viewed by mankind! 

In a post-game interview he had an excuse.  He whined, the grass was too long.  Rafael’s excuse didn’t float any better than his kick; Texas Stadium doesn't have grass, it has artificial turf. 

As a society we are so quick to offer excuses for our behavior – we call it syndromes, maladies, unfortunate choices – we call it anything but SIN! 

George Washington didn’t lie, or offer an excuse for why he chopped down his dad’s cherry tree, and the difference is impossible to miss – he knew he’d done wrong and said so.

New Year - Resolve

Resolve to know Truth and speak truth this year.  It will set you free!

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