Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Words Like Morning Dew

Tuesday, December 10, 2013
These words are part of “Moses’ Song” as the leader speaks of God’s loving desire for His people to be nourished by God’s ways and protection.   Water was scarce in the desert wilderness; morning dew was often all for which a plant could hope.  In comparing God’s Word to gentle rain, Moses spoke the very promise of life to those for whom life seemed to hang on finding the next oasis. 

Gentle rain has enveloped our days for the last week or so; it is relentless.  While it is soft-falling, gentle enough to nourish even the tenderest new plant, given enough time even gently-falling drops could wear-away the Rock of Gibraltar!

Does that tell you something about God?

God’s ways are often times gentle and seemingly in the background – just like a gentle mist, or dew.  But He is relentless and His way will eventually be like the streams that split solid walls of rock and form Grand Canyons.

God’s Word will accomplish God’s will.  His Word can either nourish you with strength that comes like the morning dew, or it can sweep you away in judgment if you stand against it. 


Embrace His will and be strengthened!

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