Friday, May 16, 2014

Lady Luck

Monday, May 19, 2014
I've known a number of people who have had great hope in luck.  The source of their “luck” was always from some indeterminate source, such as, "my lucky stars," or a remembered dream, or a chance encounter with a sequence of numbers on a billboard.
A dear "unnamed lady” Elizabeth and I knew well would hear of a number someone dreamed about and run for the phone to place a bet on the afternoon race.  And heaven protect you if you were in her way when the lottery numbers came out on the evening news!  Her life seemed to be consumed with finding that lucky edge to bring in that big win!
Money isn’t always what’s on the table.  Teenagers trust luck and good fortune when they travel at the speed of light on a Friday night.  Unlucky adult drivers, saturated with alcohol or drugs, have caused untold agony for themselves and others with the results of their choices.  Dependency on the luck of the draw has ruined families, national economies and the state of peace or war between nations.
In most cases luck has not been what you would call the most dependable or friendly benefactor.  Even the 17th century poet, John Donne, in his divine poem Death Be Not Proud, wrote that “mighty and dreadful” death wasn’t the chief big shot in the universe; it was slave to Fate, Chance, kings, and desperate men.

Fate and chance…otherwise known as Luck, is often the unnamed cloud over highway tragedies, mountain mud slides, fire and tornados; can’t say I want to bet the farm on luck.

I’ve never really been able to get my mind around exactly why reasonably intelligent adults would stand at attention to “luck,” particularly when it is their precious life and the stewardship of time and resources which are at stake…and often the final cost. 

The Psalmist, by contrast, says Happy are they who trust in the LORD!  In opposition to the happiness of trusting God is the luck, or fate/chance you experience by trusting in evil spirits or false gods.  I cannot think of a more false god than luck!

Between Calvinist and Arminian adherents there is always plenty of discussion (arguing) about predestination and how much God really has things lined-up in your life.  

But one thing all genuine followers of Jesus Christ do know is that “luck” plays no part at all in a believer’s discipleship, or what happens when you place complete faith in God (as opposed to the lottery, Publisher’s Clearing House sweepstakes, or your corner bookie).

While it’s generally viewed (by non-believers) as “risky business” to follow a God you cannot see, hear or document – the evidence is all on the side of Christ when it comes to who is happy and who is miserable. 
Remember – the lotteries, casinos and racetracks all stay in business because the odds are stacked against you. 
Today…for you
Put so-called “luck” where it belongs – in the jail of unreasonableness.

Put your faith in God – that’s a garment worth wearing.  And he’s stacked the deck in your favor…holy favor…it’s called grace!

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