Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Connected in Time and for Eternity

Wednesday August 7, 2013

Have you ever had the experience of buying more than you needed or even wanted?  Vacuum cleaners come to mind.  There is not one of those devilish machines on earth that I would be able to figure out even half of the attachments.  Way too many weird shaped gadgets!
“Package deals” are like that.  You like what’s advertised, so you buy the package.  But when you get it home and unwrap whatever you THINK you bought, you’ve got extra stuff.  It’s much like putting together a kid’s bike on Christmas Eve; fourteen bolts and nuts left over – and none of them fit the 3 pieces you still haven’t put together.  (Been there….still got the tee shirt!)
It’s difficult at times to think about following Jesus as a “package deal”.
But that’s what it is!  If you wanted a Savior….you also have a Master.
Consider all the ways Jesus connected time (here on earth) and eternity (in heaven) with his “if” questions…
·        If you want me in heaven…walk with me here on earth
·        If you want treasure in heaven…take up the cross on earth
·        If you want to reap bountifully, don’t sow sparingly.
Eternity and time are a package deal; heaven and earth are connected.  So are the people that populate time (earth) and eternity (heaven).


Today you will see somebody who is connected to you for time and eternity.  
That connection may be just a momentary shared meeting of the eyes in a grocery store, or simply passing in opposite directions at the post office; it will happen in time, but that moment is recorded for eternity.
Every moment!
Every person!
When you go about doing what you do today, try to imagine the eternity within that other person you bump into at the gas station; she is a creation of God.  You see him now in time; but he is eternally significant to the Father.  
You will see them in a moment of time; the imprint of God’s eternity will connect you forever.

Now, with that in mind…how will you treat that person today?

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