Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Say It Ain't So, A-Rod

Tuesday August 6, 2013

So each generation should set its hope anew on God, not forgetting his glorious miracles and obeying his commands.  Then they will not be like their ancestors— stubborn, rebellious, and unfaithful, refusing to give their hearts to God.       Psalms 78:7 - 8 (NLT)
There aren’t many young children who don’t dream of someday being the superstar ballplayer, actress, or astronaut; it’s the reason we watch sporting events and American Idol. 
Yesterday Major League Baseball suspended another drug abuser, Alex Rodriguez, for 211 games (until the start of the 2015 season).  Under the system’s rules he’s still playing while his lawyers drag out the appeal process.

The beat goes on

We are hardly surprised anymore when another “idol” goes down in flames.  A problem in our culture is that we set up idols with clay feet, pay them $27.5million a year, and expect them to stay pure as the driven snow.  And the fall always comes!  Impressionable children see the adulation, popularity and social power of the A-Rods and the Tigers, and, lacking a mature understanding, when their hero is stopped in dead in his tracks, kids are dashed against the rocks of a reality check in a harsh world.
The Psalm writer said we should set our hope anew on God; that way we won’t be like our forbears, stubborn, rebellious and unfaithful.

Christian reality check

Who are your heroes?  And do you make certain your children know that?

A-Rod ain’t God!

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  1. Yes, this is a sad day that kids have to see this. I had hoped sports would remain a place where hard work still payed off, but now even they cheat.