Thursday, August 1, 2013

Jesus, You Make Me Uncomfortable!

Thursday August 1, 2013

In selected times of Bible study at our Annual Conference this year, Dr. Elaine Heath[i] taught through Luke 5.  She characterized Peter (and the other apostles) this way:  Jesus…do you mean to ruin us?
The first several men that Jesus chose to be his followers were fishermen – that’s how they fed their families.  The implication is, if you get too close to HIM…watch out!  Dr. Heath may be on to something.
I’ve been journeying with Jesus for about 4 decades; I’ve been everything from “nervous Peter” to “faith-filled and doubting Thomas”.  That’s not a typo about Thomas’ faith…recall that when Jesus was headed back towards Jerusalem after he heard that Lazarus needed a doctor, the disciples questioned Jesus’ sanity.  But it was Thomas who boldly said:  Come along.  We might as well die with him.[ii]  
Thomas was a faith-filled, sometimes-skeptical, follower of Jesus.  That’s not a comfort zone!

Have you ever felt uncomfortable around Jesus?

If not, perhaps we’re not talking about the same person. 
If you’ve ever been pushed into a tight spot, having to make the kind of decision that will cost you everything if follow Him, you know what it’s like inside Peter’s skin. 
If being His disciple makes you uncomfortable, and is even scary at times, but you do it anyway, you know how Thomas rolled.
So…today….comfort zone ----- or getting uncomfortably close to Jesus?

[ii] John 11:16b (TMSG)

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