Thursday, August 15, 2013

Hanging Out With Dad

Search for the LORD and for his strength; continually seek him. Psalms 105:4 (NLT)

Thursday August 15, 2013

Too many believers have the idea that becoming a Christian means we say a prayer and then spend the rest of our lives trembling before the throne and agonizing over our lack of this, or poor performance in that.  Our theme song is “I’ve been saved and now I’m suffering for Jesus.”
Too bad about that!
A question:  Whoever told you that?  And was that person foaming at the mouth when it was said?  Was there a wild look in the eyes? 
Suffering can truly be part of a Christian’s life…but Jesus did the ultimate suffering on the cross so we could receive His joyful life…not live a life of self-imposed misery.
So, what does it mean to continually seek the Lord if it doesn’t involve suffering and agonizing over every detail of life? 
I believe it’s a lot like playing golf with Dad.  Everything I learned about hitting a golf ball (while maintaining sanity) came from my Father.   Just starting out, my idea of a great golf shot was to whack the ball with every ounce of youthful strength I possessed.  I spent most of my time in the woods hunting for my lost ball, instead of enjoying life in the fairways.  It drove me crazy!
Hanging-out with Dad on the golf course taught me to swing easily, letting the rhythm of a smooth swing hit a straight shot.  I would never have learned that on my own.  
Now, my Father was never a professional golfer, or even a good amateur – but I learned by listening and watching what it was like to play the game and still enjoy it.  
Hanging with our Heavenly Father is a lot like that.  You learn a lot when you listen, watch and wait.  Continually seeking the Lord, for me, is staying in His presence, listening for His voice about a life-issue, or watching what He does with someone I don’t understand.  That kind of thing requires alertness and patience, but it pays off.

God is willing to teach us that kind of stuff; it can happen when you hang out with Dad. 

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