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Tuesday, December 9, 2014
For your Name's sake, O LORD, forgive my sin, for it is great.  Psalm 25:10
A friend from high school days responded to a funny dog video on Facebook yesterday with her own version:
The funniest thing I saw was our new pup, Maddux, jumping to the back of the sofa to bark at something outside, and falling behind the sofa. He then stood up and looked like he did not know what happened![1]
We had our version of this some years ago.  “Loco” the squirrel was appropriately named.  He used to visit us regularly for peanuts and whatever else we’d put out for him.  He was cute, but he was crazy as a loon. 
Loco used to bump into things and get into whatever would make him a little drunk.  He would roll in the mulch in our flower bed, jump and turn over like a popping bean on a hot stove, and then run like a mad man (squirrel-man, that is); he’d scamper up the nearest tree, turn around and yell at us like it was our fault he had lost his mind.
He was Loco!
After a couple years of this we got a little tired of Loco breaking into places he should not have been.  I tried to break him of the habit by putting his food out further from the house.  No avail; the little rodent began targeting our bird feeder.
Now, that was unacceptable; that bird feeder was set in a flower bed, with border grass at its base and beautiful blossoms in summer.  Trampling on our border grass was trespassing – (and Methodist or not, those trespasses were unforgiveable!).
I finally got the best of Loco by spraying the metal pole that held up the bird feeder with Lithium grease. 
The morning after the greasing of the pole I saw Loco coming around the garage, headed for bird food paradise.  He snuck up on it unaware he was being watched.  With a mighty leap over the border grass the little grey thief connected with the pole almost at the top.  He was inches from a satisfying and illegal meal, but the momentum of his leap to the greasy pole carried him around that pole like an orangutan swinging around the top of a tree trunk…a greased tree trunk! 
When his merry-go-round slowed down I watched as Loco slowly lost the fight with his slippery grip.  Three or four revolutions around the pole later, while slowly curling downward, Loco disappeared into and below the border grass.
Three seconds later our furry robber emerged with a curious look of confusion – looked East, looked West, and scampered off into the woods.
That was about 10 years ago; haven’t seen him since.
Upon reflection I find I’m not much different than Loco.  I’m somewhat of a trespasser in God’s kingdom.  I’m pretty well fed, and not nearly as thankful as I should be.
With the Psalmist I can say, Lord, forgive my sins….they’re great!
For you, today
It’s Advent…time for preparing our hearts for Christ.
Have you taken time to talk to God about your “Loco” ways?

[1] Fran Grabowski on 12-8-14

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