Monday, December 1, 2014

Up the Mountain

Monday, December 1, 2014
[1]My children are well travelled hikers. They have traversed the many mountain tops of the Green and Adirondack mountains in New England. I for one love the beauty of the mountains, but I have a fear of heights so each time I attempt to climb to the top with my children; ¾ of the way up I am suddenly overcome with fear and need to stop before reaching the summit. I always seem to say, “This time I will make it all the way up the mountain” but I seem to always fall short of reaching that glorious peak.
Many of us dream of the time when we can climb out of the dark valley days we sometime find ourselves in and join God on the mountain top. We are anxious to get to the top where God resides; where there’s no pain, poverty, hunger, disease or war. Sadly, somewhere along the ascent; some of us do everything in our human power to avoid meeting God face to face because we are fearful the Creator God will see our humanness.
Don’t we all have good intentions of getting closer to God?
What keeps you from reaching the summit?
Rev. Kerry T. Cameron, 4 PTs Rising United Methodist Parish, New England Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church

[1] During this blessed season of Advent we will enjoy together daily devotions which are shared by Local Pastors and Associate Members of the United Methodist Church from around the United States.  I had the privilege of participating in this project, and look forward to sharing these daily uplifting thoughts with you over the season from now (Thanksgiving) to January 1st.  Each author will be identified, and we thank them in advance for each contribution.

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