Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Loving Like Jesus Loved

If you’re going to love like Jesus loved, sometimes you will just have to find a way!  That’s not always easy, and I admit, I am not very resourceful.  There are times when people irk me, and I find them quite unlovable.  Yet, Jesus, who I’m certain didn’t find much in me that was loveable, died for me on a cross.  He found a way.

How are you doing with finding a way to love?

In Witnesses of a Third Way: A Fresh Look at Evangelism, Robert Neff's chapter includes this story about visiting a church service: 

It was one of those mornings when the tenor didn't get out of bed on the right side....As I listened to his faltering voice, I looked around.  People were pulling out hymnals to locate the hymn being sung by the soloist. 

By the second verse, the congregation had joined the soloist in the hymn.  And by the third verse, the tenor was beginning to find the range.  And by the fourth verse, it was beautiful.  And on the fifth verse the congregation was absolutely silent, and the tenor sang the most beautiful solo of his life.  That is life in the body of Christ, enabling one another to sing the tune Christ has given us. [1]

So, how about us?  It’s easy to read and be inspired about someone else loving like Jesus loved.  But, when our tests come, we (you and I) often succumb to anger and judgment.

That can change today.  Begin with the prayer of surrender, “Lord Jesus, teach my hard heart to love like You loved, I give up the struggle right now!”  See what happens.

[1] John H. Unger, Brandon, Manitoba, In Leadership, Vol.11, no.4 

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