Friday, May 24, 2013


Friday, May 24, 2013

I feel a lot like I have always imagined Lazarus must’ve felt that day; alive and still a bit dead!
Having a viral infection that knocks you off your feet for a week is not fun.  There isn’t much difference between a drug-induced stupor and the grave.  The only thing that reminds you that you’re not fully-dead is the hacking cough in the middle of the night.
 Finally returning to enough of your right mind, you look in the mirror and think about shaving again.  That’s no picnic either.  It’s a gruesome sight (trust me).  Besides the week of facial stubble, there is the matted hair, bloodshot eyes…and don’t forget the breath!  Whew!  Well, aren’t you glad I let you in on all that?
Bodily functions aside – don’t we all wonder what the experience was like for Lazarus?  He’d been in the grave for 3 days; no noise, no pain, no thoughts… 

Really….no thoughts? 

Then, what’s all this about an immortal soul?  Does the soul cease to think in the grave?  Well, if not, then is it asleep?  On vacation?  What?  Well, that discussion could go on and on; it’s my opinion that the soul never ceases to be what God created.  Even in our earthly sleep we dream, working on communicating (to/with our soul). 
If there’s an interlude in death at all, it is while the soul waits.  And what the souls of persons wait for, is what the soul was made for, resurrection and reunion with the soul’s Maker.  And Lazarus got that, firsthand!
I’m certain life was still less than “squeaky-clean” after Lazarus’ awakening.  He still had to pay bills, scratch out a living and deal with a cranky neighbor or two.  That’s what life here is all about – messy.  But that’s the whole point!  In this messy life you need the clarity of remembering the resurrection and reunion.  Remember immortality!
That’s what I feel this morning, back from my “viral grave”…immortal in Christ.

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